“They found errors totaling over $736,785.83 (for which we received credits back from our providers). Additionally, we saved over $1,700,000.00 million because of their efforts.”

Berkshire Hathaway Company

“Tel-Net’s extensive background in the telecom industry allows them to decipher all of the competing offers and benchmark them against our business needs. This allows our company to get a meaningful comparison of what all the vendors are offering. Tel-Net is vendor agnostic and regularly reviews our billing and contracts to make sure our interests are best served. Their expertise at doing billing and contract review allows me to focus more on enabling my business to grow instead of trying to become an expert in telco contracts.”

A Fortune 1000 Multinational Software Company

“They were able to recover over $100‚000 in overbilling on our data and over $50‚000 on the voice.”

Nationwide Shipping and Logistics Company

“Their services are invaluable in not only giving us better visibility into our infrastructure‚ but also managed to cut our monthly telecom spend by nearly $74‚000 a month.”

Global Retailer

“I have had the pleasure of working with TelNet Choices for over the past 15 years on wireless phone services, data circuits, and landline services. TelNet Choices delivered on their commitment to reducing our wireless, data, and telecom costs by obtaining credits and making account changes/updates which allowed us to maximize our carrier’s full telecom offerings.

TelNet Choices has provided significant savings for both companies I’ve worked for during this period. In my previous position as Global Network Manager for an international company, TelNet Choices saved the company over $32k per month on global data services and obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in credits. TelNet Choices has reduced our current wireless phones and Internet data services by 30% per month. They required minimal assistance from us and showed their expertise and knowledge throughout this process. With their ongoing maintenance of our accounts, I and my IT Staff can focus on our core business.”

Large Food Processor Company

“When I initially met Julie of TelNet Choices Inc. she mentioned her job was to save companies money on their telco. I initially thought that I had already taken care of this since I’ve saved my company so much, but I decided to give them a try. I had nothing to lose. I assumed there would be no positive findings. A week later I sent them all of our telco bills and they immediately found areas where we could save money. In the first year, they found at least $30,000 per year savings over a 3-year period for our internet bills and I was amazed. They handled all the transition functions directly with the telco companies, so I didn’t really have to do any work other than sign a document or two. Their fee was roughly 1/3 of the first-year savings which were well worth it. Aside from the initial savings, they have proactively found savings for other accounts over the years.”

Export Company

“Tel-Net Choices has streamlined our telecom and data services and significantly reduced our telecom and data costs. We have a partner who is with us for the long haul. Telnet understands our business and business operations. Telnet being independent of the carrier gives us another level of comfort knowing Tel-Net is working for us. It’s like having an additional employee who is invested in our company and the growth of our business.”

Global Freight Forwarder

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