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TelNet Choices Inc.


We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge of telecom, cloud, data, software and wireless services. Our knowledge is derived through a combined 70 years of experience in the telecommunications, cloud, data, software and wireless industry; including planning, pricing, contract negotiations, selling, and auditing.

We have an impeccable understanding of customer experience! This is something we know will really make a difference in our partnership with us as a company.

We have a client base with companies that have been using our services for over 20 years, demonstrating client retention that is second to none. The reason we have such customer loyalty lies in the fundamental threads that run through our company; service, professionalism, knowledge, and integrity are our motto. As a result, of our years of experience, we have made some very strategic relationships with other companies, and this has explicitly provided extra value to our client base.

We are always focusing on our clients; assisting them with increasing their profitability, and productivity, reducing operating expenses, and gaining an edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

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